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We are a full stack software company. We understand what it takes to comprehend your business needs and meticulously plan for your transformative journey. We see our customers very much our family – We ideate together, we build together and as you thought right, we celebrate together!


We embrace innovation as the most important part of our business. We constantly explore creative ways to solve complex problems and push the boundaries of what is possible with novel ideas. Some of the products developed are listed below. Contact us now for a live demo!


A Single sign-on adaptor. The gateway for your SSO needs. Can be integrated with any third party SSO gateway. Supports the following SSO - Parichay, Google, Azure Active Directory, Meta, LinkedIn to name a few! Onboard new services almost immediately. Acts as a broker between your service and SSO provider. Enables efficient management of service resources, lets you configure User level and Service Level TTLs. Be at awe seeing analytics for audit, performance and compliance purposes.


Enables energy providers and public consumers to assess, determine and provide a platform to interact on energy needs viz Water, Electricity, Solar and Gas. View realtime usage, consumption trends, energy forecasting, payment predictions, issue tracking all in one portal!


Facilitates administration and management of hospitals under an umbrella. Information and prices of diagnostics tests, medicines and treatment trickles down for uniform usage, stock keeping. Lets you draw analytics and share information on cost, schemes and diagnosis, which can be used for forecasting, audit and compliance purposes.


For us, every business that we transform are special and approached in an exceptional way. As no two requirements are the same, each solution we craft are embroidered with a mission to augment your purpose, vision and values

System Design

Certified architects experienced at building scalable, resilient, fault-tolerant, highly available and low latency enterprise/data architectures every other day!

Product Implementation

Our team of experts can convert your faintest ideas into reality (Web and Mobile compliant) with the right proportion of expertise on domain, market and technology

Application Management

Have a legacy application that you are finding it hard to manage or migrate? We have the right tools to ensure smooth transition or enhance its existing performance

Big Data | Data Science

Professionals who have lived their lives on data ingestion, transformation, persistence, analysis, training models, visualization et al on optimal data architecture(s) capable of powering your realtime/near realtime systems

Platform Development

Tech savvy team capable of building platforms, frameworks and libraries to orchestrate a sustainable technology solutions with reduced operational burden

Cloud Solutions

Cloud certified architects and solution engineers capable of executing end-to-end Cloud managed services on Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (GCP) platforms


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